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At the end of the process you need to reboot the server.

The uninstallation process requires a list of steps to delete all services:

  1. Backup the Windows Registry as a safety measure.
  2. Stop the Idera Dashboard Core Service and the Idera Dashboard Web Application Service at the Services window.
  3. Open the Command Prompt and execute:
    1. sc delete IderaDashboardCoreService
    2. sc delete IderaDashboardWebAppService
  4. Open the Registry Editor and delete the following registry keys:
    1. Delete CWF from: KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Idera
    2. Locate and Delete the IDERA Dashboard GUID from: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall

    3. Locate and Delete the Dashboard GUID from: KEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products

  5. Reboot the server.
  6. Delete the entire Dashboard folder from: C:\Program Files\Idera
  7. Run the Command Prompt as Administrator and execute: msiexec /i "C:\Program Files\Idera\SQLdm x64 Installation Kit\x64\IderaDashboard.msi" /L*v %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\DashboardInstall.txt

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