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The IDERA Dashboard provides the following new features and fixed issues:

3.2 New features

Tomcat upgrade

IDERA Dashboard 3.2 includes an upgrade to Apache Tomcat 7.0.72.

Improved logging

IDERA Dashboard logging functionality and detail are improved to capture more information for debugging; this helps to identify issues and the products causing them.


IDERA Dashboard notifies the user when the connection is secure or not. The new logging in interface gives the user the chance to choose between HTTP and HTTPS connections.

IDERA Dashboard upgrade

Upgrade the IDERA Dashboard without re-configuring or reinstalling an existing security certificate. The installer does not overwrite custom certificates.

3.2 Fixed issues

Export of active alerts in Diagnostic Manager

Active Alerts can be exported from Diagnostic Manager Homepage in the IDERA Dashboard. It supports xsl and xml files.

Installation with SQL Authentication

IDERA Dashboard now stores and uses the credentials to communicate with the repository if installed with a SQL Authentication.

IDERA Dashboard provides an integrated user experience for the IDERA products in your environment.