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The Jobs tab allows you to view the complete list of your monitored jobs from your registered SQL Server instances.

On this tab you can get the most important information of your jobs, their status, and perform actions like starting or stopping a job for example. 

You can also access and modify (according to your user role) the properties of a selected job and perform actions such as enable, disable, and refresh the status of the job.  Additionally, you can apply some of these actions on several selected jobs at once.  

The following sections provide you with detailed information on what is available in the Jobs tab, what actions you can perform, how you can filter your information, and how you can export available data. 

Read-only users cannot Start, Stop, Enable, Disable, or Delete Jobs. As a read-only user you can only view the properties of a job but you cannot edit them.

SQL Enterprise Job Manager monitors and manages your SQL Server agent jobs. Learn more > >