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The following issues are fixed in IDERA SQL Inventory Manager and no longer represent an issue:

Platform-specific fixed issues

  • IDERA SQL Inventory Manager now successfully connects to SQL Server 2012 servers that have SP2 CU7 applied.
  • IDERA SQL Inventory Manager no longer displays an incorrect version for SQL Server 2012 SP3. Previously, SQL Server 2012 SP3 appeared as SQL Server 2012 SP2.

Licensing fixed issues

  • This release fixes an issue causing some users to experience the following error message when attempting to add a license key:
    Missing resource message key= [ An exception occurred setting the product configuration.] args=[]

Discovery fixed issues

  • The Discovery Status log now correctly uses the localized data and time format. You can view a read-only log of all the actions and events occurring during the instance discovery process by clicking Discovery Status on the Administration tab.

Monitoring fixed issues

  • Users now can successfully create an alias for an application that contains special characters in the current name.
  • Users now can successfully use special characters in SQL Server instance locations.
  • Improved metrics utilization in this release resolves an issue causing some users to see inconsistent server counts over a period of time


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