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IDERA SQL Admin Toolset provides the following new features and fixed issues.

1.9.5 New features

Quick Reindex allows designation of SORT_IN_TEMPDB

Users now can designate the SORT_IN_TEMPDB option when using the Quick Reindex tool. For more information about this tool, see Quick Reindex.

Space Analyzer allows users to disable WMI credential requirement

Space Analyzer users now can check or clear the Use WMI Credentials checkbox to toggle whether to require WMI credentials when running an analysis. For more information about this tool, see Space Analyzer.

19.5 Fixed Issues

Issue NumberDescription
SQLADMI-1803User Clone. Corrects an issue causing some users to receive the error message, "No user information found" when attempting to use the tool.
SQLADMI-1801Index Analyzer & Quick Reindex. Corrected an issue preventing spatial indexes from appearing.
SQLADMI-1799Backup Status. Corrected an issue preventing the backup file size from updating upon a second backup.
SQLADMI-1791Corrected an issue preventing server groups from import if the servers are grouped under Microsoft SQL Servers in SSMS.
SQLADMI-1776Backup Status. Corrected an issue causing tempdb to not appear in the Backup Status report after clearing the Skip System Database option.
SQLADMI-1738Patch Analyzer. Corrected an issue causing SQL Server 2012 updates to appear as new updates.

1.9.4 New features

Supports SQL Server 2019

The tools available in the IDERA SQL Admin Toolset now support SQL Server 2019. For more information about minimum requirements for IDERA SQL Admin Toolset, see Product requirements.

Supports Microsoft Windows Server 2019

IDERA SQL Admin Toolset now supports Microsoft Windows Server 2019. For more information about minimum requirements for IDERA SQL Admin Toolset, see Product requirements.

Backup Status Recovery Mode

The Backup Status tool now includes a column that displays the recovery mode type for each displayed database. The Recovery Mode column displays Simple or Full. For more information about Backup Status, see Backup Status.

Database Mover Windows Cluster

The Database Mover tool now supports the destination SQL Server instance on a Microsoft Windows cluster with cluster-shared volumes (CSV). The drive must be a member of the cluster group in order to have the files attached to the database and the user performing the move must have all permissions to perform database operations. For more information about Database Mover, see Database Mover.

User Clone supports multiple users

The User Clone tool now supports cloning of multiple users. For more information, see User Clone.

1.9.4 Fixed issues

Issue NumberDescription
SQLADMI-1783Test Cloud support for current Azure and AWS EC2
SQLADMI-1781Adds support for the Windows Server 2019 platform.
SQLADMI-1780Adds support for the SQL Server 2019 platform.
Quick Reindex and Index Analyzer. Corrects an issue causing an exception when the user clicks Browse in the database list.
SQLADMI-1776Corrects an issue preventing tempdb from displaying in the backup status.
SQLADMI-1775Patch Analyzer. Corrects an issue that caused some users to see an error message after clicking Check for New List.
SQLADMI-1772Updated the copyright info in the tools and Launchpad.
SQLADMI-1770Database Mover. Now supports a clustered shared volume disk.
SQLADMI-1768Installer no longer fails as a result of requiring .NET 2.0 or higher message.
SQLADMI-1761Login Copy. Now includes permissions when copying server login detail.
SQLADMI-1759Separates installer into Trial and Production versions.
SQLADMI-1757Database Mover. Corrects an issue preventing some properties from being copied or moved to target.
SQLADMI-1755ATS Tools now are organized into the Tools folder on Microsoft Windows 10.
SQLADMI-1748Job Mover. Corrects an issue that prevented copying of  job step properties to the destination.
SQLADMI-1741Backup Status. Now presents the Recovery Mode for Backup Status.
SQLADMI-1582Launchpad. Corrects an issue causing the following error message: Launchpad error: The source was not found. Inaccessible logs: security.
SQLADMI-45User Clone. Now allows scripting of multiple users.

1.9.3 New features

There are no new features in this release.

1.9.3 Fixed issues

Issue NumberDescription
SQLADMI-1764Corrects an issue with Backup status for SQL Server 2012 and older.
SQLADMI-1762Users with a large number of instances no longer experience a delay in results running Patch Analyzer in serial rather than parallel.

1.9.2 New features


Supports SQL Server 2017

The tools available in the IDERA SQL Admin Toolset now support SQL Server 2017. For more information about minimum requirements for IDERA SQL Admin Toolset, see Product requirements.

New licensing

This product requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Update 3 Redistributable. If the installer does not detect the correct redistributable in your environment, it will attempt to install or update to the correct version.

Please refer to the following Microsoft Support document for information about VC++ 2015 redistributable prerequisites:

Diagnostic Tools

Backup Status tool now provides timestamps for backups on Availability Group nodes

The Backup Status tool now provides timestamps for Copy-Only backups performed on Availability Group nodes. For more information about this tool, see Backup Status.

Administration Tools

Database Mover now allows moves from higher to lower versions and editions

The Database Mover tool allows all moves including moves from higher versions to lower versions and higher editions to lower editions. Note that some features available in the higher versions/editions may not be available in the lower versions/editions. Users receive a warning message before moving from the higher to lower version/edition, and must confirm the move. For more information about this tool, see Database Mover.

Improves Multi-Query navigation

The Multi-Query tool now includes a vertical scroll bar to quickly search through results.

Allows database searches in Multi-Query tool

Users now can search targeted databases in the Multi-Query tool using a wildcard search. The Add Query Target dialog includes fields that allow a user to enter a search term or expression to filter for a list of matching databases. For more information about this feature, see Multi Query.

Includes new configuration options in Job Editor

The Job Editor tool now allows users to set the time since last run alert. Users can set the days, hours, or minutes in the Jobs not run in the last field. For more information about this feature, see Job Editor.

Enable or disable copied jobs when using Job Mover

While using Job Mover, the user can select whether the jobs on the destination server are enabled or disabled. For more information about this feature, see Job Mover.

Job Mover updates job steps to point to the new server for SSIS packages

The Job Mover tool now updates the job steps for SSIS packages to point to the new server rather than the old server. For more information about this tool, see Job Mover.

Partition Generator now supports datetime2 datatype

The Partition Generator tool now supports the datetime2 data type. For more information about this tool, see Partition Generator.

1.9.2 Fixed issues

Issue NumberDescription

Partition Generator evaluates partitions on all editions of SQL Server 2016 SP1 and above.

SQL Server 2016 RTM is not supported because partition evaluation is not allowed on that version.

SQLADMI-1721Backup Status report now properly sorts by Date DB Created column when Only include full database backups option is selected.
SQLADMI-1712Includes more descriptive information in the Level column of the Patch Analyzer.
SQLADMI-1708SQL Search now properly displays the last line of search results.
SQLADMI-1707Quick Reindex tool no longer reloads all indexes when performing a rebuild or reorg defrag on one or more indexes.
SQLADMI-1705SQL Index Analyzer now displays the list of columns in the correct order.
SQLADMI-1692Updated the banner image in the printed reports.
SQLADMI-1691Removed the WebHelp folder as it is no longer in use.
SQLADMI-1608Reserved1 no longer displays as a FILESTREAM database File Type in the Space Analyzer.
SQLADMI-407The User Clone tool now properly prevents access to the source users list when connection credentials are changed.
SQLADMI-399The Index Analyzer tool now properly supports long server names.
SQLADMI-376Space Analyzer now displays Auto Growth and Maximum Potential Size units in correct measurements.
SQLADMI-1Removed the 65535 character limit in Multi Query.

1.9.1 New features

There are no new features in this release. Please see the Fixed Issues section for information about what is included in IDERA SQL Admin Toolset 1.9.1.

1.9.1 Fixed issues

Resolved license failure issue

IDERA SQL Admin Toolset resolves an issue occurring with some licenses that prevented users from registering a license key on certain Windows operating systems. This issue mainly affected Windows 10 and Windows 8/Windows SQL Server 2012 users, however was also seen on other versions.

1.9 New features

Improved IDERA SQL Admin Toolset user interface

IDERA SQL Admin Toolset features a new look and feel. These changes include new colors to reflect updated IDERA branding, installer changes for fast installation, and navigation menu updates for a more user-friendly experience.

Supports SQL Server 2016

The tools available in the IDERA SQL Admin Toolset now support SQL Server 2016. For more information about minimum requirements for IDERA SQL Admin Toolset, see Product requirements.

New options for the Backup Status tool

The Backup Status tool now allows you to skip offline databases in your backups by checking the Exclude Offline Databases checkbox. For more information about this tool, see Backup Status.

1.9 Fixed issues


Issue NumberDescription
SQLADMI-1589Removed SQL Server 7 from all selection lists within IDERA SQL Admin Toolset as it is not a supported version.
SQLADMI-1588Fixes an issue preventing users from activating a license on a VM with multiple NICs and constantly changing machines codes.
SQLADMI-1587Fixes an issue preventing new installations of IDERA SQL Admin Toolset from importing registered SQL Server instances on SQL Server 2014.
SQLADMI-1582Fixes an issue with IDERA SQL Admin Toolset 1.8.2 causing some users to receive a Launchpad error when attempting to open the product.

Diagnostics tools

Issue NumberDescription
SQLADMI-1594CONNECTION CHECK: Fixes an issue causing the Test Network connections check of the Connection Check tool to look for only the default SQL Server instance name even when the actual instance name is provided in the SQL Server field.

Administration tools

Issue NumberDescription
SQLADMI-1603DATABASE MOVER: Database Mover now includes a version compatibility check before starting to move data.
SQLADMI-1602USER CLONE: Fixes an issue causing User Clone to display the message, "You cannot keep the original password when downgrading from SQL 2014, do you want to proceed with a blank password," message even when both instances are SQL Server 2014.
SQLADMI-12JOB EDITOR: Job Editor now saves column setting changes to the Last Outcome column, such as column location and width.
SQLADMI-350DATABASE CONFIGURATION: Fixes an issue preventing the database option READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT from being displayed in the Comparison Report available in the Database Configuration tool.

Analytics tools

Issue NumberDescription

INVENTORY REPORTER: Fixes an issue causing Inventory Reporter to display error messages regarding data being in the incorrect format.

SQLADMI-1605PATCH ANALYZER: Fixes an issue causing Patch Analyzer to display SQL Server 2014 CTP1 build 11.09120 in the SQL Server 2012 section.
SQLADMI-1585PATCH ANALYZER: Fixes an issue causing the Patch Analyzer build list to display UNKNOWN for SQL Server 2014 and SQL Server 2016.
SQLADMI-1580PATCH ANALYZER: Fixes an issue causing Patch Analyzer to display incorrect details for SQL Server 12.0.2560.
SQLADMI-1600SERVER STATISTICS: Fixes an issue causing Server Statistics to not display data files for SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014 instances.

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