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The SQL Admin Toolset contains the following administration tools:

Connection String

Create connection strings in seconds by picking and choosing from the available options.

Database configuration

Compare and edit configurations for one or more SQL Server databases.

Database Mover

Move or copy databases and their associated logins within or between SQL Server instances.

Job Editor

View and edit jobs across multiple SQL Server instances.

Job Mover

Copy or move your jobs between SQL Servers.

Linked Server Copy

Copy linked servers from one SQL Server instance to another.

Login Copy

Synchronize logins across SQL Server instances by copying logins from one instance to another.

Multi Query

Execute and manage queries across multiple SQL Server instances.

Partition Generator

View existing partition information and generate new data partitions quickly and easily.

Quick Reindex

Review index fragmentation and rebuild indexes on your SQL Server instances.

Server Configuration

Compare and edit configurations for one or more SQL Server instances.

User Clone

Create a new SQL Server login using an existing login as a template.


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