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Use the following checklist to get started using SQL Business Intelligence Manager.

Follow these steps ...
Install the Idera Dashboard.
Install SQL Business Intelligence Manager
Log in the Idera Dashboard.
Use the Welcome to Idera SQL Business Intelligence Manager wizard to configure your settings (option only available on your first installation).
Add BI service instances (SSAS, SSRS, SSIS) for BI monitoring.
If you want to receive alert notifications through e-mail, configure the e-mail settings.
If you want to grant other users access to the Idera Dashboard, manage users in the Administration view.
If you want to grant other users access to SQL BI Manager, add users  in the Administration tab.
Get a complete overview of your SQL BI environment in the SQL Business Intelligence Manager dashboard.


SQL Business Intelligence Manager identifies issues within the SQL BI environment to help optimize BI service performance. Learn more > >