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IDERA SQL Compliance Manager provides the following new features and fixed issues.

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5.8 New Features


  • The default settings for capturing DML and Select activities were changed to Extended Events on SQL Compliance Manager 5.8. This change provides a significant performance improvement for the collection service efficiency in event collection, as well as on the performance impact on monitored instances.
  • SQL Compliance Manager 5.8 introduces a new highly optimized index format where the application upgrades indexes in the background, from a none compression state to a page level compression type. This operation is done as an Online operation for supported SQL Server editions. Currently, the SQL Compliance Manager repository does not utilize the optimized indexes format. Rebuilding the indexes into the new optimized format provides a significant performance enhancement to the Management Console when viewing audited events and provides a considerable database repository size reduction resulting in less space usage on disk. For more information see Indexes rebuild operation
  • SQL Compliance Manager 5.8 modified the Collection Server and Agent to allow a mode where trace files are transferred by the Agent to the Collection Server without compression. Transferring files from the Agent to the Collection Server without compression provides a significant performance enhancement both on the server side in event collection efficiency and it reduces performance impact on the monitored instances. In the Agent Properties window, users with Agents in version 5.8 have the option to decide whether to compress or not compress the file transfer from the Agent directory to the Collection directory. For more information see Agent Properties - Trace Options tab

5.8 Fixed Issues 

No Fixed Issues on this version.

For more information about new features and fixed issues in versions 5.7.x, see Previous new features and fixed issues.

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