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Data compare command line expects and reads the comparison settings from an xml config file. The config file contains the SQL Server instance, its credentials, the SQL Server database, the comparison options, excluded objects, mapping rules, the output files and many more. You can generate the config file using the command line wizard.

Running the command line, using the config file config.xml, is as simple as follows:

IderaDataCmd <path>\config.xml

You can also use the command line to validate a config file, without comparing the SQL Server databases. This can be useful if you create the config file manually. Validation is performed via the /v parameter:

IderaDataCmd <path>\config.xml /v

To view the command line usage, use the help parameter: /? /h or /help

IderaDataCmd /?

Due to the complexity of the config file, we strongly recommend that you use the command line wizard to generate the xml config files.

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