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The Azure Profiles Configuration window allows you to view the registered Azure profiles and the details of how these profiles are linked. Also, it allows you to add, view/edit, remove, and test the accessibility of the Azure subscriptions.

  1. Under the Application Profiles section, click New.
  2. In the Azure Application Profile, select a Name, and add a Description.
  3. Under the Azure subscription section, click New to open the Azure Subscription configuration window, enter the Subscription, add a description, and click OK
  4. Under the Azure Application section, click New, fill in the fields in the Azure Application Configuration window: Name, Tenant Id, Client Id, Secret, and Description. Click OK.

To review or edit any information of the Azure Linked Profiles, click View/Edit to open the Azure Linked Profile window which allows you to edit or view the Azure Profile description, select the Azure Server, and select the Application Profile.

Additionally, you can access the available resources to link by clicking Available Resources.

  1. In the Available Azure Resources window, select an Azure server from the drop-down list.
  2. Select an Application Profile from the drop-down list to review all the available resources for the selection.

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