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SQL Diagnostic Manager allows users to enable alerts when the following metrics are outside their established baseline thresholds:

  • Availability Group Estimated Data Loss (Seconds)

  • Availability Group Estimated Recovery Time (Seconds)

  • Availability Group Log Send Queue Size (KB)

  • Availability Group Redo Queue Size (KB)

  • Availability Group Redo Rate (KB/sec)

  • Availability Group Synchronization Performance (Seconds)

  • SQL Server Data Used (Percent)

  • SQL Server Log Used (Percent)

  • OS Average Disk Queue Length (Count)

  • OS Disk Time (Percent)

  • OS Memory Usage (Percent)

  • OS Paging (Per Second)

  • OS Privileged Time (Percent)

  • OS Processor Queue Length (Count)

  • OS Processor Time (Percent)

  • OS User Time (Percent)

  • Page Life Expectancy

  • Procedure Cache Hit Ratio

  • SQL Server CPU Usage (Percent)

  • SQL Server Memory Usage (Percent)

  • Non-Distributed Transactions (Count)

  • Unsubscribed Transactions (Count)

  • Unsubscribed Transactions (Seconds)

  • Blocked Sessions (Count)

  • Client Computers (Count)

  • Oldest Open Transaction (Minutes)

  • SQL Server Response Time (Miliseconds)

  • User Connections (Percent)

  • VM CPU Usage (Percent)

 To enable baseline thresholds:

  1. Right-click a monitored SQL Server instance and select Configure Alerts.
  2. In the Alert Configuration window, click the Baseline Thresholds Enabled (as percentage of baseline) check box.

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