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SQL Diagnostic Manager provides the following new features and fixed issues.

10.6 New Features

  • SQL Diagnostic Manager 10.6 has a new and improved user interface:
    • Improved workflow, easing navigation in the desktop Client console.
    • Expandable Servers sidebar, allowing users to have a larger screen space.
    • Dock and undock user interface components to optimize usage in multi-monitor environments .
    • Search bar eases the search of monitored instances in large scale deployments.
    • Searchable drop-down instance name navigation without changing drill-down.
    • History Range control is now available for historical or real-time analysis.
    • Advanced sessions filter by application adds to powerful analysis options including drag-and drop “Group By” options.
  • SQL Diagnostic Manager allows you to access Azure Monitor Counters for Custom collection

10.6 Fixed Issues


SQLDM-20300 SQL Diagnostic Manager now correctly alerts about DB data files sizing.

Alert Filters

SQLDM-28237 The Longest Running Version Store Transaction (minutes) alert filter is working as expected and the email notification includes the stored comment in the alert.

SQLDM-28711 The % wildcard for 'users' is now allowed by the Exclusion filter for the Session Tempdb Space Usage (MB).

SQLDM-30139 The Alert Suppression configuration is no longer causing an incorrect status of the monitored instance.

SQLDM-30392 The Databases Exclusion configuration in the Advanced Alert filter is working as expected.

Custom Counters

SQLDM-29410 When maintenance mode is enabled, custom counters are no longer collected as expected.

SQLDM-29697 Custom Counters are now correctly shown in the "Alert Configuration" window after the instance is linked to it.

SQLDM-29907 Custom Counters can be remove/unlinked from a monitored instance from the Monitored SQL Server Properties window.


SQLDM-23252 The installation script for the Model database sizing is now working correctly

SQLDM-28800 The Database Analysis is now reporting the correct schema.

Desktop Client

SQLDM-29209 The new added panels to SQLDM Desktop Client are displaying correct values when loading data from the repository.

Disk Drives

SQLDM-29109 The Disks Drives on a newly registered server are now correctly discoverable using OLE automation or WMI.

Extended Events

SQLDM-30011 SQLDM now correctly collects query data through Extended Events.


SQLDM-19742 SQLDM has been updated to include the latest SQL Server service packs and/or cumulative updates when viewing version details.

SQLDM-29182 SQL Diagnostic Manager correctly generates alerts for the SQL Server Error Log metric when the Advanced Alert Filters are defined.

SQLDM-29403 SQL Diagnostic Manager now correctly reports the correct Cumulative Updates for the monitored instances.

IDERA Dashboard

SQLDM-29130 The widgets in the IDERA Dashboard are rendering properly after selecting an identifier for a custom dashboard.

SQLDM-29212 The Instance Status widget in the IDERA Dashboard is now correctly filtering non-active instances.

SQLDM-30243 The properties of a monitored instance is now displaying as expected in both the SQLDM Desktop Console and the SQLDM Web Console.

Maintenance Mode

SQLDM-28446 The Servers now correctly follow the Maintenance Mode schedule.


SQLDM-5463 The "Mirroring Unsent Log" metric now triggers the Critical alert at a higher threshold value.

Query Monitor

SQLDM-28829 SQLDM is now correctly configuring the options for capturing query plans when enabling the options for Query Monitor when using the Add Servers Wizard.

SQLDM-30464 The TempDB contention which caused blocking sessions when the Query Monitor is enabled, has been resolved.


SQLDM-28219 The 'Disk Space Usage Forecast' report now correctly exports to PDF.

SQLDM-29155 The Alert History report is now displaying all the historical alerts of the specified period of time.

SQLDM-29401 The Detailed Session Report is now displaying all the expected data based on its configuration.


SQLDM-28108 The Free Disk column under the Disk Size option of the Resources tab now correctly sorts numerically.


SQLDM-29458 The SCOM integration after upgrading SQL Diagnostic Manager now works as expected.


SQLDM-29428 The reported crashes of the SQLdm Management Service caused by configurations in certain Alert Response conditions, are no longer occurring.

SQLDM-30393 The SQLdm Management service is no longer crashing when importing an alert action response rule.


SQLDM-23196 The Session monitor now correctly displays the Job name along with the Job ID.

SQL Server Agent

SQLDM-28607 When the SQL Server Agent Job Failure alert raises, the Details description no longer exposes sensitive information.

SQLDM-29211 The Advanced Filters for the SQL Server Agent Job Completion metric are no longer case sensitive.

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