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The Azure Server System counter allows SQL Diagnostic Manager to monitor counters that are collected using API, which is supplied by Azure.

After you select the Azure Server System Counter type when adding a Custom Counter, you need to provide some configuration details of your Azure server:

  1. Select a server from the drop-down list of the Azure Server option.
  2. Select a profile from the drop-down list of the Azure Profile option.
  3. Select a type from the drop-down list of the Resource Type option.
  4. And, select a name from the drop-down list of the Resource Name option.

To view the Azure profiles that are registered in SQL Diagnostic Manager click View Profiles.

To complete the addition of the Azure Server System Counter, select the metric details from the drop-down metric list.

Azure Monitor Custom Counter Limitations

  • The Azure Counter import is disabled, by default.
  • The linking of the Azure Custom Counter is not supported.
  • The Azure Counters are only visible in monitored Azure servers.
  • The Azure Counters are not supported for tags.

The 'Monitor ManagementClient.Metrics' library collects data for the Azure Custom Counters. It takes input parameters like metric name and interval and returns values for the metrics in that particular interval. However, based on the Azure instance activity at that interval, the returned value of the metric is null when those values are zero or inexistent.

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