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SQL Diagnostic Manager provides the following new features and fixed issues.

10.2.3 New Features

No new features for this version.

10.2.3 Fixed Issues

Installation and Upgrade                                                                               

  • The reported issues when re-installing SQL Diagnostic Manager with a pre-existing repository, have been solved.
  • The ongoing SSL errors when attempting to install SQL Diagnostic Manager have been solved for this version.
  • The Unable to monitor error "Error interpreting Job Alerts Collector: Invalid column name 'job_last_run_duration'."  is no longer displaying when running an upgrade.
  • SQL Diagnostic Manager now correctly displays historical snapshots after upgrading.


  • SQL Diagnostic Manager now correctly displays accurate results when running an Analysis.       

Availability Groups

  • SQL Diagnostic Manager now correctly connects to Availability Group listeners, and monitoring AlwaysOn instances.


  • The Session Statistics graph is no longer having issues showing the Y-axis values of the Transactions per Minute graph.


  • The reported problem of WMI not being available on some servers has been fixed.


  • IDERA Dashboard is no longer reporting maintenance mode status in actively monitored instances.
  • The IDERA Dashboard is displaying data in the Queries view screen, the message "No Data Available. Please try after some time" is no longer showing.
  • The IDERA Dashboard is now allowing access to the web console through domain groups and individual accounts.
  • Users are no longer having issues when they manually register SQL Diagnostic Manager in the Dashboard.


  • The error displayed in the desktop console, when users were trying to connect to the SQLdm Management service, has been fixed.
  • SQL Diagnostic Manager is now correctly firing alert emails when the SQLdm Collection service is down.


  • The changes that users applied to the metrics in the default templates are no longer causing errors.


  • SQL Diagnostic Manager is no longer displaying erroneous time-range data in the ChangeLog and is complying the user grooming configuration.
  • The DatabaseFileStatistics grooming is running as expected and it has stopped timing out.

SQLDM Mobile

  • The reported problem when running queries in SQLDM Mobile is no longer an issue in Chrome and other browsers.

Alert Rules and Alert Responses

  • SQL Diagnostic Manager now correctly generating emails for all the configured Alert Rules that has the "Where metric severity has changed" option enabled.
  • SQLDM is now sending alerts to SCOM for the metrics and severities specified in the rule, without disruption.
  • The Alert Response "Send all Alerts to Scom as Alerts" is no longer having issues when the default configuration is changed.
  • When the default configuration is changed in the Alert Response "Send all Alerts to SCOM as Alerts", these changes are correctly applied and work as expected.


  • SQL Diagnostic Manager is notifying the user by email when the alert "Blocking Session Wait Time" has a critical status.

Other issues

  • The Sessions, Queries, and Query Waits screens in the desktop console are displaying data normally.             
  • The errors in the details of a Deadlock occurrence caused by an "intra-query parallelism deadlock" have been fixed.
  • SQLDM now correctly displays query data statements. All queries are matching up with their associated databases.                   
  • The error: "Key already exists, Parameter name key (Infragistics2.Shared.v10.3)" is no longer displaying when removing the Details column in the Signature Mode screen located in the Query Monitor.             
  • The problem that users had when creating custom dashboard in the SQL Diagnostic Manager web console, has been solved.
  • The friendly names are no longer being removed by SQL Diagnostic Manager.

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