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The Alerts tab of the SQLdm web console allows you to view all alerts for all the servers in your environment.  The information displayed in this view includes:

  • Alert start date & time
  • Summary
  • Instance
  • Database
  • Category

You can organize the alerts in the list using either the Current View or the Filter.  Click image to view full size.

Organize your alerts by the Current View

You can organize your alerts by selecting one of the following views from the Current View section. 


Organizes all your alerts that are currently active.

By Severity

Organizes all your alerts by their severity.

By Instance

Organizes all your alerts by monitored SQL Server instance. 

By Metric

Organizes all your alerts by each of the metrics affected. 

By Category

Organizes all your alerts by their category. 


Organizes all your alerts by selected time range.

Organize your alerts using the Filter

You can organize your alerts using the available filter options. Filter options help pinpoint to data you want to view.

You can filter by SQL Server instance, metric, severity, and time range.

To apply new filters, select the clear filter button first.

Additional options

Access the single instance dashboard by clicking the instance name in an alert row.
Access the Alerts Detail screen by clicking any alert in the Alert view.

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