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SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL provides the following new features and fixed issues:

8.9.3 New features

  • SQL DM for MySQL shows a notification in the UI when it is unable to send an Alert message due to wrong settings.

8.9.2 New Features

  • SQL DM for MySQL now can analyze audit logging in Aurora Server.

8.9 New Features

  • SQL DM for MySQL includes a query load profiling to Query Analysis along with a new interface for Query Details to make it easier to analyze query performance over time.
  • Introduced new APIs for updating user passwords and LDAP bind user password.
  • This version includes several Enterprise security improvements:
    • Restrict access to individual custom dashboards and the ability to create new dashboards to newly created users.
    • Capability to hide literals in SQL statements,
    • Ability to remove default admin user, and rename the default Admin name.
    • Improved audit log filtering, adding and excluding filter.
    • Configurable SNMP trap format.

8.9.3 Fixed Issues

  • SQL DM for MySQL now connects to MySQL using SSL encryption with caching_sha2_password authentication plugin.

  • On Chrome browser, the data is automatically filled for server names, tags, and other filters if the Save Password is turned ON.

  • SQL DM for MySQL validates the email address properly, and it allows saving multiple emails using space and comma separator.

8.9.2 Fixed Issues

  • Google Cloud Server logs are getting analyzed properly.
  • Starting with version 8.9.2, modified UDOs will display as Resolved when there are no new changes in future upgrades. 
  • Query Analyzer, Realtime, and Dashboard statistics extracted files, now collect correct time/date.
  • General Log Export as CSV does not show undefined and NAN in the CSV file anymore.
  • MySQL Versions prior to 5.6.2, now display accurate disk space.
  • Show/Hide literals in Long running query notifications, are now available for all notification channels.
  • When the query contains special characters, the exported CSV file now is formatted properly.
  • Resolving Conflicted CSO’s now works properly.
  • SQL DM for MySQL now sends pagerduty notifications correctly when the length of the message is greater than 1024.
  • Editing a LDAP Password now sets the new password accordingly.
  • MariaDB roles are listed correctly.
  • The values plotted in the Monitor trend charts, are now converted to bytes. 
  • The column QPS now sorts accurately.
  • Total Time column in Query Analyzer page, now shows the value properly.

8.9 Fixed Issues

  •  The Threads page now correctly displays queries that contains these “<” or “>” characters.
  •  The Event Details window now correctly displays the event values that contains special characters.
  •  The SSL settings now correctly save the changes after editing the servers.
  •  The client user filter option in the Sniffer settings now works correctly.
  •  The Locked and Locking Queries in Real-time are now available for MySQL 8.0+ servers.
  •  The Connection Type is no longer changing from SSL to Direct when editing a server using API.
  •  SQL DM for MySQL is no longer crashing when passing some arguments in the start command.
  •  SQL DM for MySQL now correctly exports CSV reports when applying filters in the Query Analyzer, Dashboard, and Real-time.
  • All chart series are visible for MySQL 8.0+ version in the Dashboard and screens.

8.9.3 Miscellaneous

  • MariaDB Connector is upgraded to 3.1.11.

8.9.2 Miscellaneous

  • JQuery library is upgraded to 3.5.0.

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