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SQL Doctor is designed to help you identify, understand, and fix problems with your SQL Server performance. SQL Server performance problems are presented as ranked recommendations that focus on helping you with real problems you are experiencing.

The following tasks are associated with using SQL Doctor:

  • Add the SQL Server instances you want to analyze. You can use Windows or SQL Server authentication to connect to your SQL Server instance.
  • Start a full analysis to diagnose the problems your system is experiencing.
  • View a list of the SQL Doctor recommendations with short descriptions, arranged by impact. This list can be sorted to fit your needs and even printed or exported.
  • Double-click a recommendation in the recommendations list to see a detailed explanation of the recommendation and, where applicable, view or even execute an optimization script to fix the issue.
  • Get a real-time overview of your enterprise health or individual server health.
  • View the results from past analysis and the recommendations that are associated.
  • Schedule an analysis to occur on your SQL Server instance on a daily or weekly time period.

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