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The Diagnose Queries window helps you save time by analyzing the queries you care about without having to wait for a full analysis to complete. When SQL Doctor diagnoses a query, you receive performance recommendations without actually executing it.

When you click the diagnose button, SQL Doctor parses the T-SQL and bases the analysis and resultant recommendations on the estimated execution plans of the database selected.

The analyzed query is never executed on the target server or database.

Access the Diagnose Queries window

To open the Diagnose Queries window, click the Diagnose Queries button on the SQL Doctor toolbar.

Diagnose your queries

To diagnose your queries:

  1. Click Diagnose Queries.
  2. Use the Server and Database drop-down lists to select the SQL Server instance and database on which this query either currently runs or runs in the future.
  3. Type a query in the space provided or copy and paste a query from your T-SQL files.

    To validate the syntax of your query, use a tool like SQL Server Management Studio. SQL Doctor may be unable to generate estimated execution plans for queries that contain bad syntax.

  4. Click Diagnose.

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