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The Recommendation Details window provides detailed information about your recommendation; in many cases, this includes the actual metrics involved, databases, tables, or applications involved.

The following actions are available on every recommendation details window:


Allows you to flag the recommendation. Use this flag to identify or group recommendations that require further troubleshooting. The flag state is preserved in the recommendation history, so you can return to this list of recommendations later and see which ones still need attention.


Disallow this recommendation from appearing in subsequent analysis results.


Copy the recommendation text to the clipboard to use in other applications.


Send the contents of this recommendation in an email message.


Saves the selected recommendations to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Use Show me the problem and Optimize Script

SQL Doctor allows you the opportunity to perform the following actions, when applicable:

Show me the problem

Opens a SQL Viewer window displaying the problematic part of the SQL script that generated the recommendation.

Optimize Script

Opens the Optimize Now window, displaying the SQL script used to fix the detected problem. Click Run to fix the problem.

Undo Script

Opens the Undo Optimization window, displaying the SQL script used to undo the previously executed optimization. Click Run to undo the previous optimization.

Click a recommendation in the list to open the Recommendation Details window.

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