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On the second section of the Dashboard tab you can find a Microsoft Outlook calendar-style view that allows you to see the SQL Server jobs monitored for the current day.

You can view what jobs already ran or are scheduled to run on the current day. Jobs are displayed in their respective time slots, and identified with their names and the names of the instances where they ran, are running, or are scheduled to run.

How do you identify job status with colors?

You can identify jobs status with the following colors:

  • Red - Failed
  • Blue - Currently running
  • Light Blue - Scheduled to run
  • Green - Succeeded
  • Gray - Retry
  • Yellow - Canceled 

Hover over a job to view its specific details such as: Name, Instance, Status, Duration, Start at and End at date/time.

What happens if you have several jobs scheduled on the same time slot?

If you have several jobs running on the same time slot, you can find the ellipsis icon  at right end of the time slot.  Click this icon  and SQL Enterprise Job Manager opens the Job Schedules window with the complete list of jobs that belong to this time slot. This window displays the following information:

  • Job name
  • Instance
  • Status 
  • Start date/time
  • Run duration

At the top left section, you can find the option Export, click this option and select your preferred format (CSV, PDF, or XML) for exporting all jobs available on this time slot. 

How do you view the complete schedule?

If you want to view the complete schedule, click View Full Schedule and SQL Enterprise Job Manager opens the Schedule tab where you are able to get a day, week, or month view of your past, current, and scheduled jobs.

For more information on what options are available on the Schedule tab, go to Viewing your jobs on the Schedule tab.

SQL Enterprise Job Manager monitors and manages your SQL Server agent jobs. Learn more > >