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To monitor your SQL Server instances, SQL Elements collects data on availability, responsiveness, configuration, performance, and capacity data on a specific schedule and maintains a history of the collected values for a certain amount of time. 

The following table shows you the frequency with which SQL Elements collects information and the amount of time that this information will be retained. 

Data CategoryScheduleData RetentionAlertsHealth Checks
Discover InstancesDailyN/ANoNo

Discover Topology (databases, data files, servers, drives)

Sub job - runs at beginning of capacity and configuration jobs


Availability & Responsiveness at instance level

Every 30 seconds

Kept for 24 hours


Availability & Responsiveness at database level

Every 5 minutes

Kept every 5 minutes for 24 hours

Configuration dataDaily

Current Values

Capacity Data: Disk total space, disk free space, database data size, database log size, data file size, log file sizeHourlyCurrent ValuesYesYes

Refresh collection

SQL Elements allows you to refresh these metrics at any time from the instance view. For more information about this option, please refer to Viewing instance information.