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This report displays chargeback information for managed instances and databases. Refer to Reports Utility for information on how to deploy or remove this report. 

The chargeback report provides the following information:

Instance Name

The SQL Server instance name.

The SQL Instance version number.

The SQL Server Instance edition number.

The name set at Instance registration.

Data Center/Location
The location name se at instance registration.


VM Vendor


Operating System
The name of the OS running the SQL Server instance.

OS Version
The version of the OS running the SQL Server instance.  

Physical Cores
The number of available physical cores on the server.  

Logical Cores
The number of available physical cores on the server. 

Physical Memory
The total available physical memory on the server. 

CPU Name
The name of the CPU on the server.

CPU Speed
The speed of the CPU. 

Wheter it is a clustered instance or not.

Total Size of Disks for Instance
The total Disk space allocated for the instance.

Database Count
The total number of databases in the instance.

Total Database Size
The total size of databases. 

Disk Percent Used by Databases
The disk space databases use. 

Custom Inventory Fields for Instances

Tags for Instances

Database Information at instance level

Database Name

Database Type (user or system)

Data Size

Log Size

Custom Inventory Fields for Database

Tags for Database

Decommissioned status