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IDERA SQL Inventory Manager can send email notifications for warning or critical conditions from your environment. To access this option, go to the Administration tab, and then click Configure email (SMTP) settings.

The Email Settings dialog box offers:

  • Email Information
  • Outgoing Mail Server Information
  • Test Email Settings

Email Information

Sender Address

Enter the email address that IDERA SQL Inventory Manager will use as the sender of the emails notifications.

Reply To Address

You must specify a reply-to email address to receive replies from emails.

Message Footer

Enter the text that you want to appear in the footer of notifications.

Outgoing Mail Server Information

In order to send email notifications, you must specify the settings of an email server you want to use. You need to provide the following information:

SMTP Server Address

Enter the name or Internet Protocol (IP) address of your SMTP mail server.

SMTP Server Port

Enter the IP port that the SMTP mail server uses. The default SMTP port is 25.

Use an SSL encrypted connection

Select this check box to use an SSL encrypted connection to connect to the email server.

SMTP Server authentication

Select this checkbox if your SMTP server requires authentication, specify then a valid user name and password to access the email server.

Test Email Settings

You can use this section to test your email settings. For this purpose, enter the Recipient of the test email, and then click Send test email. IDERA SQL Inventory Manager sends a test email to the recipient you specify. You can verify this test email in the respective recipient account.

After you configure your email settings, you can subscribe to alerts. For more information about subscribing to alerts, see Subscribing to Alerts.

Manage users

From the Administration tab, you can decide which users receive alerts. For more information about this feature, see Managing subscriptions for all users.