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Provides an overview of the SQL Licensing information of the managed instances within SQL Inventory Manager. This report displays information from the SQL Server Licensing by Instance view, it also contains additional columns for custom inventory fields and tags on the managed instances. Refer to 26_Changes_IDERA Reports Utility for information on how to deploy or remove this report.

Microsoft SQL SERVER licensing information provided within IDERA SQL Inventory Manager is based on your system information and is only for guidance.

The Licensing report offers the following information.

SQL Server
The SQL Server instance name.

The SQL Instance version number.

The SQL Server Instance edition number.

Wether it is a virtual server or not, possible values are yes or no.

CPU Name
The name of the installed CPU.

# of Sockets
The number of sockets available on the server.

# of Logical Processors
The number of logical processors installed on the server.

# of Cores
The number of available cores on the Instance.

Core Factor
Displays a numerical value that determines the number of core licenses necessary. While an administrator can change this value in the Core Factor Table, this number is provided by Microsoft based on the CPU in use.

Possible Core Licenses
Displays the product of the total number of cores on a system multiplied by the Core Factor.

Fully Licensed with SA
Whether the instance is fully licensed with SA or not. Value is represented with a checkbox.

Custom Inventory Fields for Instances
Any custom inventory fields in the server