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Upgrading from versions 2.2 and lower

Because of the addition of roles, all user accounts in versions 2.2 and previous are added to the IDERA Dashboard but are not assigned a role and cannot access IDERA SQL Inventory Manager until the administrator changes the account permissions. Note that the administrator is the account specified during the IDERA Dashboard installation.

To change user account permissions, go to IDERA Dashboard > Administration > Manage Users. Edit a user account. Select the IDERA SQL Inventory Manager product, and then assign a role of Product Administrator, Product User, or Product Guest. Click Save, and then repeat these steps for each user account.

Now grant the user accounts access to the instances in your environment. Go to SQL Inventory Manager > Administration > Manage Users. Click the link for the name of the user account. In the Access to SQL Server Instances section of the Edit Users window, select whether you want to grant the user account access to all instances or a selection of instances. If you want to grant access to only selected instances, choose those instances using either the tag or instance name. Click Save.

For more information about user accounts and roles, see Managing users in the IDERA Dashboard.

2.6 New features

Cloud discovery

  • IDERA SQL Inventory Manager 2.6 now allows you to discover cloud instances whether on Azure VM, Amazon EC2, Azure Database or Amazon RDS.

Advanced filters

  • Users can create advanced filters on Instances views .

Exclude drives from Volume at Risk threshold

  • Users can now exclude drives from alerts on the Volume at Risk health check.

Support For SQL Server 2019

  • IDERA SQL Inventory Manager 2.6 now supports SQL Server 2019 for monitored instances.

2.6.1 Fixed issues

  • SIM Charge Back Reports now runs properly.

  • When  the user is modified, SQL Inventory Manager 2.6.1 restarts collector Service after completing the save operation.

  • SQL Inventory Manager 2.6.1 displays correct time stamp for database backups (full, differential, and log) in database details.

  • Users can set a range for ports input in Manage Discovery options.

  • SQL Inventory Manager 2.6.1 displays the appropriate core factor for each SQL Server version under SQL Licensing by Instances view.

  • Users can add a New Virtualization Host Servers in the Manage VM Configuration window.

  • E-mail shows alert with Alert Level, Instance Name, and the explanation of the alert.

  • All passwords are encrypted when stored and when transmitted.

  • The Administrator tab visibility is now invisible for Product User.

  • SQL Inventory Manager 2.6.1 disables the Display Name text field while upgrading SIM.

  • The Explorer tab displays only the tags associated with instances under Instance Tags section, and tags associated with databases under Database Tags section.

  • The Dashboard > Administration Tab > Manage Tags window shows all the tags to edit or view their properties correctly.

  • Loading and refreshing pages run faster than older versions.

  • SQL Inventory Manager 2.6.1 imports instances configured with custom instance tags that already exist, without duplication issues.
  • User Account configured for monitoring and discovering instances from a different domain, now authenticates properly on the server hosting SIM.

  • The console does not display dropped databases, and they are not shown Online.

  • SQL Inventory Manager 2.6.1 performs Health Checks for databases on secondary nodes of Availability Groups properly.

  • The SSIS version displays correctly.

  • The User Account Control window displays IDERA as the SQL Inventory Manager 2.6.1 Verified Publisher in the installation folder.

  • After installing SQL Inventory Manager 2.6.1 using the default ports, the launch page now links to the correct URL.

2.6 Fixed issues

  • IDERA SQL Inventory Manager locks the service account.
  • SQL Inventory Manager 2.6 sends automatic email alerts properly.