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Previous new features on 2.5

Below is a list of features added and fixed issues in previous versions.

Server Hosts

  • IDERA SQL Inventory Manager 2.5 now allows you to get information for server hosts for a registered SQL instance. The Explorer tab and the Instances tab contain new views that display server host information.

SQL Server 2017

  • IDERA SQL Inventory Manager 2.5 provides support for discovering, monitoring, and displaying licensing information for SQL Server 2017 instances running on both Windows and Linux systems.
  • IDERA SQL Inventory Manager 2.5 Repository can be installed on SQL Server 2017 for either Windows.

MS SQL Licensing

  • An additional MS SQL Licensing view have been added to support licensing by physical hosts.
  • For SQL Server 2016 and above IDERA SQL Inventory Manager updates MS SQL Licensing view to remove the usage of core factor, which is a change in Microsoft SQL Server Licensing Model.

TLS support

  • IDERA SQL Inventory Manager 2.5 supports TLS 1.2

Previous Fixed issues on 2.5

  • SQL Inventory Manager can be installed with TLS 1.0 disabled.
  • Upgrading a 2.4.1 installation on AG to 2.5 works properly.
  • Users can now groom ignored instances properly.
  • Group Users Permissions have been updated to allow granular permissions.
  • Server Licensing Report correctly displays the summary information for SQL Server Version and Edition when Edition is not available.
  • Top Databases by Activity chart shows data properly. It was previously showing no data for certain instances.
  • Now, Scheduled Discovery (Network Scan) runs properly.
  • The discovery status log shows valid page counts.
  • You can now save the number of instances per page on the Instances Grid on the Home Page.
  • Adding Tags works properly.
  • Discovery on Organizational Unit (OU) works properly when scheduled scan is disabled.
  • Domain check validation works properly for an OU using the Multiple Accounts option.
  • The Select All checkbox for "Available Databases" works properly on the Manage Health Checks ->Database backup is not current dialog.
  • Grooming of repository database works as expected.
  • Sort by name on a Custom Field List works properly.
  • List of Tags created in SQL Inventory Manager now sort properly.
  • You can now successfully upgrade SQL Inventory Manager hosted on an AG database.
  • Now, SQL Inventory Manager displays properly health checks reported from SQL Server 2016 AlwaysOn Availability Group.
  • Discovery Center Options works as expected when saving time changes.