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When a disk volume used for a SQL Server data or log file becomes full, further attempts to add data will result in an error. When the disk volume hosting the operating system or the SQL Server installation itself becomes full, there is the further possibility that the server or the entire system may become unresponsive.


You should consider freeing space or adding additional space to allow the system to continue functioning normally. Click here for more information.

Update Health Checks

The Volume at risk health check alerts you when the indicated database does not have a current backup file.

By default, the Volume at Risk warning alert is displayed when the storage capacity is between 75-90% full and a critical alert is displayed when the storage capacity is above 90% full. You can change the threshold by modifying the percentage for the storage capacity or assigning a flat value for the storage capacity remaining. For example, settings can prevent IDERA SQL Inventory Manager from displaying an alert unless the storage capacity has only has 2 GB remaining. The changes are applied to all databases that are part of the managed instances. After making any change, alerts are not displayed until the new thresholds meet or exceed the selected value.

To configure a health check, in the Administration view, click Manage Health Checks, and then click Configure for the appropriate health check. In this case, IDERA SQL Inventory Manager displays the Update Health Checks - Volume at Risk window.

Make the appropriate changes, and then click Save.

Excluding a drive

The Disk Drives Excluded From Volume at Risk Alert section allows you to exclude drives from this health check. To exclude a drive follow these steps:

  1. Click Edit on the Disk Drives Excluded From Volume at Risk Alert section.
  2. Select an instance from the instances view.
  3. Select a drive on the Excluded Drives drop down menu.
  4. Click Apply.

To remove a drive from the excluded list select an instance and click Clear.

Available Health Checks

For more information about the Health Checks performed by IDERA SQL Inventory Manager, go to What Health Checks are available with SQL Inventory Manager?