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You can enable SQL Safe to send email notifications about the current status of your backup and restore operations.

Access these settings by clicking Configure E-mail Notifications on the Repository and Management Service Settings window, accessible from the bar menu  icon, or by selecting E-mail Notification Settings in the Tools menu.

What email settings can I change?

If you enable E-mail Notifications, you can configure how the email will appear in your Inbox.

Sender Name

Enter the name that will appear as the sender of the email.

Reply-to Address

Enter the email address that will appear as the sender, and where replies to the message will be sent.


Select low, normal, or high priority for the email alerts.

What mail server information is required?

You must specify the mail server information so that SQL Safe can send email notifications.

Server Address

Enter the address of your mail server.

Server Port

If you want to specify a port different from 25 (set by default), you can do that in this section. You can also enable SSL encrypted connection.

SMTP Authentication

If your SMTP server requires authentication, you must type a valid User Name and Password that SQL Safe should use to access to the mail server.

Test your settings

To be sure that your settings are correct, click Test Settings on the bottom section of the window, then check the test email sent to your email server.

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