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The Notifications tab of the Log Shipping Policy wizard allows you to choose from which log shipping status you want to receive alert notifications. Email notifications let you, and your staff, remotely monitor the status of the backups and restores you have automated with this policy. The status of the log shipping operations determine the status of your policy. When your backups and restores are successfully completed on schedule, the policy is considered okay.

Choose the status you want to monitor, type the email address of each recipient, select the desired alert frequency for each operation, and then click Next .

You must configure your mail server settings before SQL Safe can send email notifications. Click Configure E-mail to check your settings. For more information, see configure e-mail settings for alert notifications.

When is the email sent?

SQL Safe sends an email to the specified recipients when the selected operation status occurs. Because SQL Safe checks the status of your backup and restore operations every minute, your alert notifications provide a real-time indication of the health of your log shipping policy and your primary and secondary servers.

However, how often SQL Safe notifies about a specific status update depends on the notification frequency you select. For example, if you want to receive an email whenever a restore fails, even when the failures occur sequentially, choose to receive notifications every time the event occurs.

Once you configure notifications, click NEXT to review details.

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