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The SQL Safe Filter service is responsible for performing InstantRestore operations. The service manages the following properties, which are stored in the registry:

  • Max number of concurrent hydrations
  • Number of driver threads
  • Large raw buffer IO size
  • Hydration chunk sizes
  • Decompressed block cache size
  • Driver active IO list size

You must use the same Windows account for the SQL Safe Backup Service and SQL Safe Filter Service. During installation, you are asked to enter credentials for only one account and the other is created with the same information. If you manually change your account information, make sure you change it in the other service as well to avoid any issues.

How do I enable or disable the InstantRestore feature?

SQL Safe Backup includes the SQL Safe Filter Service during an installation or upgrade. The SQL Safe Filter Service is responsible for performing InstantRestore (IR) operations. Users can enable or disable the IR component in the SQL Safe Management Console ( right-click on the registered instance and select "Enable SQLsafe InstantRestore" or "Disable SQLsafe InstantRestore"). If an InstantRestore operation is in progress when a user attempts to disable the IR component, SQL Safe Backup returns an error. 

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