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Restore policies allow you to define backup maintenance plans across multiple SQL Server instances in your enterprise. These instances can reside on one or more physical servers.

What is a restore policy?

A restore policy consists of a list of databases you want to restore, a source backup archive, and a schedule according to when the restores will be performed. You can then monitor the status of each recurring restore, all from a single point of contact in the Management Console.

How does restore policies help you?

Restore policies allow you to plan and schedule your SQL Server restore maintenance, as well as monitor its success and failures, all from a single point of contact at the Management Console.

Can you select InstantRestore for your restore policy?

No. InstantRestore is available only when performing a manual restore.

To create restore policies, see create a restore policy.

To view the status of your restore policies, see view status of all restore policies or view status of a specific restore policy.

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