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The Manage SQL Secure view lets you easily and quickly change your IDERA SQL Secure configuration and review SQL Secure activity. From the Manage SQL Secure view, you can access the following information:

Repository Status

Allows you to view status of the SQL Server instances that are registered with SQL Secure, SQL Secure licenses, and the SQL Server Agent used for collecting data.


Allows you to view a list of logins that are active in SQL Secure.


Allows you to view and change properties of existing policies, view which assessments have been saved for each policy, or create a new policy.

SQL Secure Activity

Allows you to see the logged events associated with changes or actions that occur within SQL Secure.

Server Group Tags

Allows you to view a list of tags and servers that are available in IDERA SQL Secure.

Email notifications

Allows you to select the servers you want to receive notifications from.

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