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IDERA SQL Secure provides a robust, easy-to-use SQL Server audit and reporting solution. Behind a friendly user interface, SQL Secure offers a unique architecture that is both flexible and extremely powerful. SQL Secure fits your environment, no matter how simple or complex.

Product components

SQL Secure Console

The SQL Secure Console component is the interface you use to set up and manage your SQL Secure configuration, view and search your audit snapshots for user and object permissions, and generate reports to display the audit information that is most important to you.

SQL Secure Repository

The SQL Secure Repository is where your audit snapshot information and SQL Secure configuration information is stored. You can schedule routine grooming that automatically delete snapshots older than a specified date.

SQL Secure Collector

The SQL Secure Collector gathers SQL Server permission information from your audited SQL Server instances (using your filter criteria) and stores the information in the SQL Secure Repository database.

Audited SQL Server Instances

The audited SQL Server instances are SQL Server instances that have been registered with SQL Secure. These SQL Server instances are audited periodically at the dates and times you schedule. The resulting data is stored in the SQL Secure Repository and displayed in the SQL Secure Console as a snapshot of your SQL Server security model.

Product architecture

The following diagram illustrates the components of the SQL Secure architecture.

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