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Use the Compare Security Checks tab on the Assessment Comparison window to identify any differences in the security check settings of the two selected assessments. 

The Security Checks Comparison Summary displays what differences have been found between the security checks of both assessments using (=) and  (≠) to show were the differences are. Security Checks can be different in the Findings, Explanation Notes, Display Settings, and/or Criteria. 

By using the options in the top right section you can:

  • Show All security checks or Show Differences Only
  • Select Columns to be displayed
  • Group by box
  • Save 
  • Print

Compare security check settings

The Details section allows to see, for each security check, the specific details in the following tabs:


Displays the findings returned by the selected security check when run by each assessment. The findings also display in the Details tab of the assessment Report Card at the enterprise and server levels.

Explanation Notes

Indicates whether an explanation note has been entered for this security check. Explanation notes are available from the assessment Report Card at the enterprise and server levels. To enter or edit an explanation note, select the target security check from the Report Card, and then click the Explanation Notes tab.

Display Settings

Provides the Risk Level, Report Text, and External Cross Reference assigned to this security check. For more information about these settings, see Select Security Checks.


Provides the criteria used to assess whether your audited instances are in compliance with this security check.

For a comparison of the overall security status, see the Compare Summaries tab. For more information, see Compare Assessments.

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