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The Schedule tab allows you to choose the best times to generate a snapshot on your SQL Server instance. By default, snapshots are scheduled for every Sunday morning at 3:00 AM. It is recommended that you schedule snapshots to occur during "off-peak" hours.

The Schedule tab contains the schedule, if any, that is currently being used for the SQL Server selected instance. To change the schedule, click Change and select the new time and frequency for snapshot collection.

The first snapshot is taken at the first scheduled snapshot collection time. Snapshots can also be taken manually right-clicking the SQL Server instance in the Explore Permissions view and selecting Take Snapshot Now.

The Schedule tab displays the following information:

Keep snapshot for [number] daysType, or use the up and down arrows, to indicate the number of days that you want to store snapshots in the SQL Secure Repository.
Enable SchedulingCheck this box to enable the defined audit snapshot schedule
ChangeClick this button to edit your audit snapshot collection schedule.
  • To view all properties of a snapshot, click the respective snapshot below the respective SQL Server in the Audited SQL Servers tree of the Explore Permissions view.
  • You can also right-click the snapshot from the Audited SQL Servers tree of the Explore Permissions view and select Properties. The Snapshot Properties window opens with all its corresponding settings.

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