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SQL Traffic Accelerator provides:

  • Efficient use of TCP/IP protocol. Not only is bandwidth and performance improved through compression, but the TCP/IP protocol is also more efficiently used by turning TDS into a variable length protocol. Whereas the native protocol would transfer one packet of 4096 bytes into a single TCP buffer, SQL Traffic Accelerator packs 15 or more packets into a single buffer. It is not uncommon for a 4K packet to be reduced to a mere 300 or 400 bytes.
  • Improved performance. Because SQL Traffic Accelerator is specifically developed to optimize the TDS protocol, it has a far greater impact on bandwidth and performance than hardware compression technologies. Additionally, SQL Traffic Accelerator uses adaptive compression technology that automatically detects when uncompressible data is encountered, so SQL Traffic Accelerator never has a negative impact on performance.
  • Simplified networks. This compression and optimization takes low-speed WAN connections and makes them perform nearly on par with 100 BASE-T connections, and 100 BASE-T connections perform on par with 1000 BASE-T connections or better. Additionally, SQL Traffic Accelerator can be used to free up bandwidth on congested networks, regardless of speed.


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