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1.6.7 Fixed Issues

SQLWA-529 SQL Workload Analysis is no longer stopping collecting and displaying data.

SQLWA-892 The Postgress size is no longer causing high memory usage in SQL Workload Analysis.

SQLWA-1030 The SQLWA collection service is no longer stopping unexpectedly.

SQLWA-1054 SQLWA now correctly collects data and the added instances are showing their correct status.

SQLWA-1031 A SQLWA process is no longer causing the SQL Server session blocking.

SQLWA-1033 SQLWA now correctly processes data that was randomly stopping under certain conditions.

SQLWA-1036 The Postgress Purge is no longer causing deadlocks or stalling the data collection in SQLWA.

SQLWA-1048 The idera_swa_postgresql service no longer needs to be restarted to correctly show SQLWA in the IDERA Dashboard.

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