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Known Issues for 1.6.6


SQL Workload Analysis is no longer supporting Windows 2008.

Known Issues for 1.6.5


SQL Workload Analysis may prompt an error when adding an instance where Force Encryption is required using Windows Authentication in earlier Microsoft SQL Server version (>11.0). For more information, please visit TLS 1.2 support for Microsoft SQL Server.


Users may encounter error messages when registering SQL Workload Analysis, while upgrading. To solve this problem, change the port number located in the ps_registration table to the port number on which IderaCoreService is running. For more information, contact IDERA support.

Known Issues for 1.6.1



SQL Workload Analysis is not supported in Windows Vista 32-bit machine.


Exception shown when uninstalling

After uninstalling SQL Workload Analysis, the product is still shown under the managed products and an exception is seen when clicking SQLWA link after it was uninstalled.

Known Issues for 1.5

IDERA Dashboard

Unsuccessful migration of SQL Workload Analysis

After installation, the IDERA Dashboard is unable to successfully migrate SQL Workload Analysis to a different (remote) installation of the IDERA Dashboard. The suggested workaround is to perform a new installation in the target server.

Monitored Instances

Error adjusting the column width of the Monitored Instances list

The handlers that are used to adjust the width of the columns can go off-screen after performing an adjustment. The suggested workaround is to refresh (F5) the web browser to reset the columns width to their default settings.

License Management

Error updating license key information after the trial license expires

SQL Workload Analysis is unable to register a new license key after the trial license has expired. The suggested workaround is to register new license key information before the trial period expires.

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