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Grooming is the process of deleting metrics stored in the repository that are older than a given date and time. This process is important because it optimizes the performance of processes such as data collection.

In SQL Workload Analysis you can set your grooming schedule by following these steps:

  1. Open the schedule file in a text editor such as Notepad, this file is located in the following path: C:\Program Files\Idera\IDERA SQL Workload Analysis\etc\mq
  2. Search for the line that specifies the purge schedule in a standard cron format and edit the time value in a 24-hour format. For example, if you want to set your grooming for 2:20 PM, change the time value to 14:20 in a standard cron format. Check the images below.

    Default grooming time

    By default, the grooming schedule time is set to 1:10 AM every day.

  3. Restart the SQL Workload Analysis services (IDERA Collector Service and IDERA Framework service).

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