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All the information displayed in the SWA Home tab is measured in seconds.

The left column displays a list of the monitored instances, allowing you to identify their status using specific icons for each possible status. Below is a description of each status:

Instance is active and there is data collected in the last 2 minutes
Instance is inactive or unreachable
Instance has been removed
Unknown. No data collected in the last 2 minutes

Select a time frame from the available options (15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 1 day, 5 days, and 4 weeks) to retrieve the information.

You can launch the SQL Diagnostic Manager Web console for instances that are also registered in SQL Diagnostic Manager by clicking the icon .

The dashboard displays the following information:

Total in DB Highlights

The Total in DB Highlights measures the following metrics:

  • Using CPU
  • Log Wait
  • OS Wait
  • Internal Wait

You can also drill-down to each of these metrics to obtain more detailed information.

Total in DB Trending

Displays information measured in seconds about Internal Wait, Log Wait, Lock Wait, Temdb I/O Wait, OS Wait, Using CPU, I/O Wait, Network I/O Wait, Remote Wait, and CLR Wait.

Top Databases

Displays the list of databases that have been more frequently used or accessed. The list includes numeric and graphic information on the time spent executing queries and updates on each of the databases in the list.

Page Faults/sec

Displays the number of page faults per second as seen by the SQL Server process as well as the server machine instance corresponding to the specific monitored instance.

Top SQL Statements

Displays a list of the most frequently executed SQL statements, including queries and updates that have been performed on a specific monitored instance and/or a specific database. 

Top Logins

Provides a list of logins executed in the monitored instances. The list also defines the type of user, the total workload in the DB (measured in seconds), and the number of executions.

Top Machines

Displays a list of client machine instances that frequently connect to a specific monitored instance and/or a specific database. 

Top Programs

Provides a list of client application programs that most frequently connect to a specific monitored instance and/or a specific database. 

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