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New Features in version 2.3

There are no new features in version 2.3

Fixed Issues in version 2.3


SQLENTE-4900 SQL Enterprise Job Manager now offers the "Always Send Email" option in the Configure Alert Email Settings. This option allows SQL EJM to send email alerts for all job-related alerts.

SQLENTE-4911 SQL Enterprise Job Manager now allows to Submit on the Alert Wizard for the Job Wizard.

SQLENTE-4914 SQL Enterprise Job Manager added the ability to configure the location type in the alert rules wizard.


SQLENTE-4922 SQL Enterprise Job Manager web console successfully adds instances in the ''FIPS compliant environments'' dashboard.


SQLENTE-4775 The SQL Enterprise Job Manager repository database is now properly purged when deleting an instance.


SQLENTE-4788 SQL Enterprise Job Manager 2.3 supports a new option for root job lists.

SQLENTE-4869 In the SQL Enterprise Job Manager 2.3 Job Wizard, the operator view settings is successfully configured.

SQLENTE-4917 SQL Enterprise Job Manager database configuration remains configured when editing a job.

SQLENTE-4920 Secondary jobs run successfully when Enterprise Job ManagerJobChain includes root jobs from different instances.

SQLENTE-4924 Job Chain schedule issues have been fixed, meaning that Job Chain is correctly scheduled, updated, and configured.


SQLENTE-4814 Now, it is possible to reconfigure the job's schedule by the drag and drop feature in the Schedule Tab.

Other Issues

SQLENTE-4497 The Server Performance Chart correctly shows CPU information.

SQLENTE-4809 It is now possible to apply Product Administrator permission to a user group.

SQLENTE-4857 The links in the side panel of the overview tab now correctly redirect to the disabled Jobs, disabled Job Chans, and Failed Tasks.

SQLENTE-4899 SQL Enterprise Job Manager now supports .NET 4.8 and below.

SQLENTE-4905 SQL Enterprise Job Manager installation is successful when enabling FIPS.

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