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In order to perform backup and restore operations on SQL Server instances, you have to register them with SQL Safe. To register SQL Server instances, you can find the option Add SQL Server instance available on the following tabs:

  • Home tab  
  • Policies tab
  • Operation History tab
  • Instances tab
  • Databases tab

You should use a SQL Safe license that is valid for Centralized Licensing in order to be able to register instances.

When you click Add SQL Server instance, the wizard for registering new instances opens and you can find the following sections:


Use this section to specify the instance or instances you want to register with SQL Safe for monitoring. To add new instances you can use any of the following options:

  • Type the name of the instance inside the SQL Server instance box. Use a semicolon to separate multiple instances.
  • Use the option BROWSE to get a list of instances discovered by the CWF service. Select those instances you want to register. 

Click NEXT to go to the following section.


In this section you can specify the accounts SQL Safe uses to gather information about your SQL Server instances. You have to define two type of credentials in this section:

SQL Connection Credentials

SQL Safe uses these credentials to connect and perform queries against your new registered SQL Server instances and collect configuration, availability, performance, and capacity data. You can specify a Windows user or a SQL Server login Account Type.

WMI Connection Credentials

SQL Safe uses these credentials to connect to the instance's host computer and gather configuration and performance data. 

Use the option TEST CREDENTIALS to make sure the credentials specified can gather data for instances and host computers.

Click NEXT to go the following section.


Use this section to review all your settings. You can go to previous sections to make any needed changes. Click FINISH to finish registering your SQL Server instances. 

SQL Safe collects initial configuration and availability data from the instances and their databases. When the initial collection is complete, you can see their information and their respective health recommendations. 

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