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The SQL Safe Restore Policy wizard allows you to create restore maintenance plans across your enterprise. A restore policy is defined as a set of databases for which restore operations will be performed according to a defined schedule. By default, SQL Safe creates the SQL Server jobs for the specified restores.


  You can create a restore policy for any database that belongs to a backup policy and has a full backup.

How do you access the Restore Policy wizard?

You can access the Restore Policy Wizard from the top options located on the Home, Policies, Instances, and Databases tabs. 

To get started with the Restore Policy wizard:

  1. Name the policy.
  2. Select the source database which contains the data you want to restore.
  3. Select the target database where the data will be restored.
  4. Get email notifications about the policy status.
  5. Defining settings for Restore policy.

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