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Use this TSM Guide to integrate SQL Safe into your existing TSM-based backup and recovery processes. SQL Safe interfaces with the TSM Client API, allowing you to backup and restore directly to the TSM Server while using the SQL Safe user interfaces. By integrating SQL Safe with your TSM deployment, you can immediately receive the benefits of fast, compressed, secure backups as well as several enterprise storage management features – without retooling your current archival workflow.

TSM integration checklist

Follow these steps ...

Install the SQL Safe components, and review the supported TSM Client versions.
Install the SQL Safe Backup Agent on each SQL Server instance on which backups will be performed.
Install the TSM Client on the same SQL Server instances, and then configure each TSM Client to connect to the TSM Server. For more information, see the IBM TSM Backup-Archive Clients Installation and User's Guide.
Ask your TSM Administrator to create a new management class for SQL Safe. For more information, see the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Windows Administrator's Guide.

Perform a test backup and restore using SQL Safe with TSM settings.

Create policy jobs to enforce consistent backup operations across your TSM environment.

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