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SQL Safe provides you with CLI commands to help you manually generate maps (for IstantRestore or SQL virtual database).

To generate maps use the following command:

  •  SQLvdbCmd Map <backup_archive> [options]




<backup_archive>Path to the backup archive.

Common Options

The following options help you generate maps:



-BackupFile <filename>

Specifies additional backup archive files to be used for striping backups.

<filename> - specifies the backup archive files.

 Note: use once for each additional stripe.

-Password <pwd><pwd> - the non-encrypted password used to encrypt the backup.
-EncryptedRestorePassword <pwd><pwd> - the encrypted password used to decrypt the backup.

Creates a diagnostic trace <log> to help troubleshoot issues.

Security Options

Secure your maps with the following options:



-WindowsUsername <domain\user><domain\user> - the Windows user that will be used to read/write the backup archive.
-WindowsPassword <pwd><pwd> - the password for the Windows user.
-EncryptedWindowsPassword <pwd><pwd> - the encrypted password for the Windows user generated by EncryptWindowsPassword action. 

For detailed descriptions and available options, see the CLI Help (SQLvdbCmd help Map).

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