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Learn the basics for navigating the Desktop Console, the following table contains the steps and main features of SQL Safe desktop console:

Follow these steps:

Register the SQL Server instances you want to back up and restore.

Deploy Backup Agents to your registered instances.

If you want to receive alert notifications through e-mail, configure the e-mail settings.

If you want the option to use the InstantRestore feature to restore a database, enable the InstantRestore service.

Determine what your backup and recovery strategy will be.

Determine whether you will perform manual backups of create policies to automate your backups.

Determine which types of compression and encryption are best for your environment.

Determine whether you will use log shipping policies as part of your recovery strategy.

Ensure that you are able to restore the database. You can perform a full backup or you can test your configuration by running a verify-only backup. To perform a verify-only backup, run the Restore Wizard and select the Verify only option on the Recovery tab.