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The IDERA Dashboard is a common technology framework designed to support the entire IDERA product suite. The IDERA Dashboard allows you to get an overview of the status of your SQL Servers and hosted databases in a consolidated view while providing the means to drill into individual product dashboards for details

The IDERA Dashboard is comprised of the following tabs:

In the IDERA Dashboard users can glance at their registered products overall status through the Overview tab. If you have several products registered with the Dashboard, use the drop down option from the Filters section to type the products and tags for which you want widgets to display information. Click Clear Filters to remove them or Export to save the displayed information. 

By default the Overview tab displays the following widgets for SQL Safe:

  • Safe Disk Space Savings - displays the total of savings achieved by using SQL Safe and the respective ROI (Return on Investment). You can set this value in the basic configurations of the General Preferences window of your SQL Safe Administration tab.
  • Safe Status Details  - displays a summary of the SQL Safe policies and operations in your environment. 

You can customize this tab by dragging and dropping widgets, expanding , collapsing , closing  or limiting the amount of information displayed .

Customize the Overview tab

To add widgets and further customize this tab, go to Configure Dashboard views in Administration view.

This tab allows you to see specific metrics by selected SQL Server Instance and SQL Safe widget information across all instances. To change the instance details, click the drop-down option at the top of this tab and select the instance for which you want to see its alert information. 

You can expand or collapse a widget using , view full size , remove , or configure its options (limiting the number of alerts displayed).

Customize the Details view tab

You can further customize this view in the Configure Dashboard Views section of the Administration view.

In the Alerts tab, you can view alerts for all products instances registered with the Dashboard. Users can filter this information by product, alert category, severity, specific metrics, and tags.  

If you want changes to be applied as you select filters, select Apply filter as it changes. If this option is not selected, SQL Safe applies the filters after you finish selecting them.

What actions can be performed in the Administration view of the IDERA Dashboard?

In the IDERA Dashboard, all products show a common Administration tab when the logged-in user has administrator privileges. Selecting this tab displays the Administration view which hosts a range of sections for performing administration-related actions.

In this tab you can perform the following options:

Most of these options can also be accessed from the gear icon located at all tabs on the top right corner of the IDERA Dashboard.