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A SQLsafe policy consists of a set of databases for which a set of disaster recovery operations will be performed according to a defined schedule.

Backup policies allow you to quickly and easily schedule backups for large sets of databases that have similar needs. Log shipping policies allow you to schedule the synchronization of transaction logs between a primary database and one or more secondary databases. Restore policies allow you to schedule the routine recovery of a specific database.

You can use policies to enforce corporate standards or Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements.

How do I access policies?

To view status of any policy, click Policies in the navigation pane, and then select the appropriate policy listed in the tree pane. SQLsafe provides an at-a-glance record of your policy statuses.

You can view information about all your policies (per type) or view the status of an individual policy. You can also create new policies or edit existing policies from these views.