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The following terms are used in the product and throughout the documentation.

Application Feature

 SQLsafe performs tasks and displays information depending on the Application Feature you have selected. You can change the application feature by clicking a button in the navigation pane on the Management Console. SQLsafe Today, an additional feature, can be reached by clicking the globe icon on the menu bar, or through the View menu.

 Backup Agent

 The Backup Agent is a service that runs on each of the SQL Server instances hosting databases you want to backup and restore. Before you can deploy a Backup Agent to a SQL Server instance, you must register the SQL Server instance with SQLsafe.


 An Operation is a work item that can be scheduled to be performed by the Backup Agent. Backups and restores are executed as operations.


 A policy consists of a list of databases, a set of operations to be performed on those databases, and a set of schedules according to which the operations will be performed. Policies allow you to define a maintenance plan across multiple SQL Server instances, which can reside on one or more physical servers. You can then use the Management Console to monitor the status of policies and their associated database backup operations.

 Server Groups

 Server Groups are collections of similarly tasked SQL Server instances, whose performance and policy status is more easily monitored together. You are not required to place SQL Server instances into groups but, in an enterprise with hundreds of servers, compliance review can be greatly simplified.