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1.6.6 Fixed Issues

SQLWA-890 The error 'SQLWA is unable to connect to the SQL Server instance. Please verify that the instance name is spelt correctly' is no longer displaying when adding new instances after upgrading SQL Workload Analysis.

SQLWA-900 SQLWA now correctly processes data that was randomly stopping under certain conditions.

SQLWA-991 The Home and Administration tabs are loading and displaying data properly.

SQLWA-992 SQL Workload Analysis is no longer prompting exceptions when adding instances

SQLWA-993 SQL Workload Analysis now correctly displays the details of the added instance in the Finish screen of the Add Instances wizard.

SQLWA-994 SQL Workload Analysis now correctly finishes its installation process.

SQLWA-1000 SQL Workload Analysis now correctly displays the tool tips for the vertical and horizontal bars.

SQLWA-1001 The license details are correctly displaying under the Manage License option.

SQLWA-1002 The data now correctly loads when clicking the "View execution plan" button.

1.6.5 New Features

  • SQL Workload Analysis services can be configured to use non-default port numbers.